March 14, 2012

Wednesday Update

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The trail is going to open this morning. The big pasture is blocked off so that it can dry some more. As you approach it, immediately after you hit the rocky hump, hard u-turn to the right. This will be opened up by Friday if things dry well. So the Pecan Pasture loop will be in for the race barring unkind and sudden rain.

Twist ‘n Shout will be Twist ‘n Slide for today and maybe longer. No standing water but it has a slimy surface in some spots.

The rain chances keep falling as each day dawns. Currently, rain has been taken out of today’s forecast and Friday’s forecast – depending of course on whose forecast you watch. I am watching NOAA.

I got a call yesterday from Bobby Duncan in Dallas. He is exhorting the DFW racers to come out in big numbers and he observed some rain clouds from the direction of Glen Rose. But we are 95 miles SW and we had clouds, some sun, and no rain. But I feel just like Bobby. Any hint of rain makes me nervous as a tomcat in a room full of rockers.

Work is going on here to cover the sloppy spots as much as possible. There are very few if you take the total length into account. One fun spot is the last 100 yards coming up the hill to the finish. Two wet places are stubbornly demanding to stay for the race. So if you want to sprint, you might better add an extra 30% to the effort because of the soft track.

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