March 12, 2012

4 Days Out.

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Cat Claw cranking up unofficially Friday. The dirt desperados will be anxious to get in here starting Friday. Rain stopped late morning yesterday. Sun came out at 1:00. Beautiful day. Total rainfall for the weekend was 1.2″. The trail was looking pretty good already by late Sunday. We should hit the target for opening the trail Wednesday. Perhaps even Tuesday mid-day. There are warnings of rain chances from Wednesday on, but those appear to be lackluster. Does not mean they can’t happen but we are pretty determined to dodge and duck whatever punches that Mom Nature throws.

The creek is under control, running at a brisk but not inflamed pace. The crossings are less than 5 inches deep, And the creek beds have good rock bottoms.

Obviously. running a quality race is the first priority. Next is to accomodate pre-rides. Then the camping, pre-race events like Kids Kup, and festival buzz comes next.

CAMPING. Access to tent camping is very good. RV is good but I am watching those areas to be sure we have solid ground to use. Today, most of that is ready for RV’s. More rain at the wrong time could mess up our RV master plan. We will decide by Thursday.

PARKING: 90% of that is good. We may have to park some cars outside the front gate along the wider right-of-way where the county has left us a good rock surface to utilize. That’s convenient isn’t it?

The registration and Expo area will have sections roped off due to percolating ground water making wet zones. But we will have enough room to get things done, show off the sponsors, and run the race.

The creek is running, and it occurs to me that those who need a cold water shower can use the creek instead. It is really beautiful and you can bath in it if you like shockingly cold water. Please bring bio-degradable soap or ask me and I might have some to loan you.

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