March 11, 2012

Race Weekend – Riding, Camping, and Racing

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Here on Sunday Morning at 9:30 the rain that has hounded us for a while is winding down. What is supposed to happen is a better afternoon and then maybe 2 really good drying days on Monday and Tuesday. So this 1.3″ of rain should soak in and drain off and let us get about the real business of preparing for the Cat Claw races on Sunday. There are still weak threats of more rain later in the next week, but those are unlikely. So we are putting on our sunny face. By topic, here are some things that you might be asking.

PRERIDES: Should be able to start those on Wednesday. And hopefully have a normal weekend with the Kids Kup, the First-Time riders Clinic, the arrival of team and sponsors, and pre-riding.

TENT CAMPING: Tent camping in the largest tent camping area – Camp Area #1 – should be unaffected. That area takes rain better than almost any other. The drainage ditch that must be crossed looks like a small creek, but it has a rock bottom under maybe 2″ of silt. Drive right through it at a normal speed and you will not lose traction, or bog. Just stay in the ruts. Other areas where we have allowed tent camping will also be fine.

RV CAMPING: That might be something to consider. I will have to inspect the areas where we put RV’s. Each day I will look that over. If you are bringing an RV, have an alternative plan. Like Oak Dale Park in Glen Rose. I think we will be fine. But the last thing you need is to get into a muddy camping spot – and try get out. I will have final recommendations on Wed evening.

PARKING: That should be OK. A few areas may be too wet, but we can use the gravel parking area just outside the gate if needed.

RACING: There are going to be some alterations of the course to get around the worst spots. Also some carpet on the creek exits. These solutions will be problematic, less than perfect, and annoying. Welcome to mountain biking. Otherwise we expect the races to come off pretty much as planned. The start line will have to be moved. If we get some last minute rain, there may be from a few tenths to 2 miles knocked off of the lap distance due to re-routes.

These are all part of this business and most of you know that. We may need an extra measure of patience and cooperation but when the races start, you will forget all that and enjoy another version of fun at the Solavaca. Embrace it.

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