March 10, 2012

Prerides – When Might That Be Possible?

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With the Cat Claw Classic coming up next weekend, this should be a big weekend for pre-riders to test the trail. As was once said, “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.” The rain cycle which started on Thursday is just barely ruining the day here on Saturday, but even as I try to justify opening a marginalized trail, the weatherman drops this load on us – Saturday and Saturday night, 100% chance of rain. I cannot see it developing on the radar just yet, but my advanced math tells me that 100% means it will develop. Even so, this rainy spell is lacking a certain commitment so far. That’s good. We measured 1/2″ yesterday and the trail can dry pretty fast with just 10-12 hours of drying conditions. But those precious hours seem to be a few days off. And even though rain is said to be certain, that can mean a sprinkle or a deluge.

There are probably 100’s of us trying to wish this rain into March 19 at least. It may work. We have dodged some pretty big threats in past races. So I watch, build re-routes around wet places, dig drainage ditches, lay down board-walks and carpet, and try to think positive. But the bottom line is, I can’t be positive that I can open for pre-rides at any given time. I can keep you updated with information as it changes. You can see that first on my home page , right near the top, under Trail Status Updates or follow ‘solavaca’ on Twitter.

You may notice that I am not discussing the subject of racing in the rain. We may have to do that. But this is the requirement that will be applied: bike tires must be able to roll. Frame jamming sludge, bottom-bracket-cloging goop, and miles of bike pushing is wartime desperation stuff, if you are a man of bikes, you should check this review on the brightest lights for a bike. Let’s hope those are dark and unnecessary broodings of a rainy day and that next weekend, all this rain talk will be forgotten as we welcome Texas racers back to the great Cat Claw Classic on the Solavaca.

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