January 12, 2012

Hadley Hubs

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~~Secret and Confidential~~

Best kept secret in mountain biking. Hadley Hubs are super good and you should get some. I have had mine for about a year and a half. When I put them on along with my new wheelset, I reduced the weight of my bike by almost 2 lbs. Anyway, I decided I would service them even though they say that people go forever without doing that and have no problems.

So I called the factory to see about the tools required. A real eye opener. I was helped in great detail by Suzanne. She knows every part inside the things, how to get at them, what to do, and what tools you need. I couldn’t even keep up with her she was so thorough. Fiinally I asked. Is this a family owned business? Answer is yes. And Suzanne’s last name is Hadley.

Made 100% in the USA. Thse hubs are not only bombproof, they are smooth and strong. An elegant combination of Steel, aluminum, and fine silk. All machined and designed for performance if you ask me.

Why don’t more people have them? Because this is a secret. Didn’t you read the top?

Oh, nevermind that I saved some $ over C Kings, Hope, and I9.

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